Small Business Telephone System - Easy & Afforable

Small business Digital Phone System

Big on Value. Small on Price.

Office desk phones
The perfect small office phone system for businesses with 2 to 16 employees, with all the features you need. The phones are available in five stylish colours to complement any décor; style or flair. Host a full employee director for easy look-up and call forwarding. The most economical office phone system choice that's big on quality, reliability and value. Easy to install with features and functionality of a big-company PBX, all in a nice simple package that is affordable for any size company!

Handles up to 6 phone lines and 16 phones with ease, works on simple 2 wire phone cables, ideal for older office buildings.

Need To Go Cordless?

Wireless phone adapter

Handy adapter that turn s your standard cordless phone into a wireless extension complete with voice mail. You can't be chained to a desk and get the job done. You've got meetings, need to check inventor y, find files or take orders! With the cordless adapter you can connect up to 4 cordless phones to your small business phone system. The cordless phone module is easy to install, plug in the cordless phone's base unit or a conference room phone and configure the voice mail.

Features Include:

  • Connect up to 6 phone lines
  • Expand to 16 Digital Phones
  • Automated Receptionist is Standard
  • Voice Mail for Ever y Phone
  • Caller ID Display
  • Full one Year Warranty
  • Last Number Redial
  • Live Call Screening
  • Memo Record
  • Message Waiting Indication
  • Mute Button with LED
  • Name, Time and Date on Display
  • New Voice Mail Message Count on Display
  • On Hook Dialing
  • "One Touch" Intercom Calling
  • "One Touch" Live Conversation Record
  • Outgoing Call Log – Last 6 Numbers Dialed
  • Personal Phone Book (50 entries)
  • Personalized Feature Buttons (12)
  • Ringer Volume Control
  • Voice Mail Access Button
  • Automated Call Forward to Cell phone
  • Blue Backlit LCD with Sleep Mode
  • Blue and Green Vivid Light LED's
  • Busy Telephone Indication
  • "Cell-Phone-Like" Navigation Keys
  • Conference (3 Way)
  • Direct Mailbox Call Transfer
  • Distinctive Ring Tone (Programmable)
  • Display Number Dialed
  • Do Not Disturb (DND)
  • Hands Free Answerback on Intercom
  • Headset (Built in Jack)
  • Handset/Headset Volume Control
  • Intercom Paging - Call Announce

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