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Developed in: 

Adaptable Projects needed a small web presence on a budget. Our solution allowed them to showcase there renovation philosophy and past projects to the Calgary market.

Developed in: 

This website tells what it is about without reading. All website text appears on the white paper coming out of the antique type-writer, the paper 'grows' on pages that have more information.
A technical challenge we accepted to show that we really understand how web pages are displayed...

Developed in: 

Probably the smallest website we ever made. This one page of information is all what the welders at True Grit Welding required. Contact info, what they do, when & where. A no-nonsense website for a no-nonsense business.

We maintain the computers for True Grit Welding in Black Diamond since 2013.

Developed in: 

The West Ridge Laser & Massage website is a good example of a home-based business presenting itself professionally on-line. Clean, sharp and full of useful information. Giving the visitor the information needed in 3-clicks or less.

Developed in: 

Example of a small website on a budget. Re-using existing logo and colour scheme allowed for the fast development of this website. The text and pictures were provided to us, saving time and resources.

We maintain the computers & network for CFS since 2008.

Developed in: 

The people at A. LeDuc Developments added a new line of business to their operations: Cold Asphalt Recycling. A 'recycling' logo and website were created. Thanks to the 'mobile first' approach, the new website displays nicely on all kinds of screens.

We maintain the computers & network at their office since 2010.

Developed in: 

Chinook Stalls came to us for a new website in the summer of 2014. The website features an extensive quote request system, instructional videos, testimonials and an easy to navigate FAQ page.

The use of some smart templates guarantees that the website shows correctly on phones, tablets and full screen computers

We maintain the computers & network at the Chinook Stalls office since 2012.

Developed in: 

This website is only a part of the branding exercise we did with TRM inc. At the same time we developed the site we also created new business cards, word, excel & powerpoint templates, brochures etc. We came up with the new slogan 'building energy' and handled the trademark procedure for it. The existing logo was properly defined and created in numerous different formats so it looks the same on every medium used, no matter who reproduces it.

We maintain the computers & network at TRM since 2008.

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Fast reliable service. Friendly response to an aggravating situation!

Thanks a bunch!

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