Data Recovery

okotokscomputers offers the best data recovery service available today.

Access to unique, state of the art technology enables us to retrieve files from devices so severely damaged that the competition cannot. We have recovered data from media that has suffered severe physical damage, liquid or fire damage, software corruption and accidental file deletion. Whatever the cause of your data loss, okotokscomputers connects you with the expertise of the most highly skilled, professional recovery technicians to retrieve the data you need.

Data recovery on disk
okotokscomputers recovers data on:

  • Optical media (CDs / DVDs)
  • Electronic media (CompactFlash, Memory Stick, USB Drive etc.)
  • Older magnetic media (Floppy, Tape, Jazz or Zip drive)
  • Hard drives (RAID / NAS / SAN / DAS / ...)
  • We also recover SQL data (Oracle, MySQL, and others)

okotokscomputers = No Data, No Charge

Except for a small diagnostic fee, you only pay when we have successfully recovered the data that you need.

What to do when disaster strikes?

What should you do when your harddisk becomes unreadable? The answer is ... nothing! A damaged harddisk is unpredictable, powering equipment off and on might cause even more damage, up to the point were data becomes unrecoverable.

In case data becomes unreadable, turn the equipment off, and call 403 478 6382.

How we do it.

okotokscomputers will never recover data straight from a damaged medium, the first thing we do is copy – one way or another – everything that is readable from the damaged medium onto 2 new devices. One of the new devices remains untouched – a raw master copy of all recoverable data. On the second copy we run recovery procedures – rebuilding files and directories - until your data is recovered.


Fast reliable service. Friendly response to an aggravating situation!

Thanks a bunch!

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