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It is our pleasure to recommend okotokscomputers as our home-office computer support service. My husband and I both work from home, managing different kinds of contracts: health care consulting and oil-field consulting. Neither of us has a lot of knowledge about information technology and we were used to having a HELP desk available to us when in previous positions. Thus, we were very pleased to find Peter Van den Wildenbergh with okotokscomputers. Peter provides us with both in- office and remote IT services. Peter has not only designed a network for our computers so that files can be accessed whether in th eoffice or outside of it (our own virtual private nework) but also, he has developed a backup system for our files, provided us with education on the systems that are in place and most important to our small company, he provides us with remote desktop support.

Managing a number of contracts from a home-office involves some fairly sophisticated elements. Some of the companies we work for want us connected to their virtual private networks. To that end, Peter has worked with the IT personnel from those companies to install their systems and has even been able to identify problems on their end. In the past and without Peter's knowledge and experience, we had to accept being told that problems were with our computers. With Peter's understanding of technology, he has been able to work with these outside experts to identify when the problems are with their systems instead of ours.

Overall, we are very happy to recommend okotokscomputers for your in-house IT support.

Brian & Rosemary Burness
Burness & Associates Consulting Inc.


Fast reliable service. Friendly response to an aggravating situation!

Thanks a bunch!

Full name available upon request

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